Launch of our webseries "Première vague"

December 2020

During the first wave of the pandemic, 12 filmmakers gathers hundreds of hours of Skype talks with medics, doctors and nurses in Belgium. Without knowing if this project would end up somewhere, we are finally proud to announce that RTBF jumped on board and is now broadcasting these important personal stories that all these professionals were ready to share with us.

Original concept: Olivier Magis

Stéphanie Brumat
Jean-Baptiste Dumont
Charlotte Grégoire
Anne Schiltz
Sébastien Wielemans

Stéphane Bergmans
Pauline Beugnies
Benjamin Colaux
Coline Grando
Olivier Magis
Juan Sepulchre
Christopher Yates

Production: RTBF, Playtime Films, Eklektik Productions, Grizzly Films
Producers: Samuel Tilman (Eklektik Productions) et Isabel de la Serna (Playtime Films)


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